Year 3

Year 3 (MEng)

The group project is a major feature of the third year for the majority of our MEng degrees. The aim is to develop both technical and project management skills. All groups are set the same objectives, and our current task requires that you design and build a buggy to navigate between selected points in an arena without human intervention in the shortest time. Prizes are awarded to the best-performing groups. Our students and staff tell you more about this innovative exercise in the “Buggy Project” video.

Year 3 (MEng with study in Europe)

If you have an interest in languages, a good grade at GCSE in a relevant foreign language, and good grades in Year 2, you are able to take your third year abroad in Continental Europe. There you undertake lectures and exams in the relevant foreign language. To ensure that your language skills are sufficient for this very immersive experience, you will undertake a specially designed language course during the first two years of your degree.

Prestigious places of study are carefully selected to achieve compatibility with the lecture programme at Bristol and include France (EFREI and ENST in Paris, ENST-Brest/Bretagne and INT in Evry), Germany (Universities of Erlangen and Hanover), Spain (University of Valencia) and Italy (University of Perugia).

The practical lab sessions are really relevant to the knowledge we’re learning in the lectures and they help reinforce what you might not have understood through the theory.

Neil Wydenback (Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng), Year 3.)

You’re not learning stuff from 5 years ago. You’re learning stuff that is current and now and every new development that comes along is covered.

Shu Fei Wong (Electrical and Communications Engineering (MEng) Year 2.)

More videos

Visit the Faculty YouTube channel for more student project videos.

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