Year 2

In the second year you will find the themes of the first year continuing to be developed. These themes are combined with a broadening view of the field of electrical and electronic engineering, through the introduction of control concepts, power and energy management, communications and electromagnetic wave propagation. All of these subject areas are supported by laboratory assignments that involve working with hardware as well as circuit and system simulation software.

A typical laboratory exercise in the second-year is the “Radio-Frequency Modem” project. Here you are required to design and build an operational wireless link between two computers (much like the Bluetooth connections used on mobiles and laptops). This is an industrially-relevant topic, and the exercises bring together many aspects of the curriculum from circuit and filter design to communications and radio antenna performance.

The Bristol degree programme gives you all the foundation knowledge you need in order to tackle complex problems.

Mantalena Sarafianou (Electrical and Electronic Engineering (PhD))

For me the main reason to study at the University of Bristol is the standard of the teaching and academia that is here.

Pete Stuart (Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng), Year 3.)
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