Profile: Abdul Bello

Course: MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

From: Nigeria 

What inspired you to become an engineer?

Engineering is the latest and most lasting of my constantly changing interests, I wanted to be a pilot so my parents took me to an aerospace museum where I fell in love with the engines and the intricate machinery used in planes and jet engines.

Why did you choose to study your engineering course at the University of Bristol?

UoB was one of the few universities that satisfied my criteria of Top 50 Engineering universities in the world which offered integrated MEng courses in a large city. So, I was happy to be accepted here.

What are the best things about studying your specific course at Bristol?

The development of quite beneficial skills for the engineering workplace. Right from year one, we get assigned group projects with people you don’t know but have to learn to work with in order to get things done.

How do you think your degree will support your future career plans?

Electrical engineers are in high demand in the UK currently, as an international student I feel this opens a lot of doors for me. The degree also qualifies me for careers in other disciplines, my experience volunteer-mentoring and hosting workshops in digimakers outreach also has me interested in teaching.

How do you think Engineers can make a difference to the world?

I feel engineers pave the future, as the products we design or create shape the lifestyle of the public. I believe this comes with a responsibility to steer the world in a sustainable and better direction so we can enjoy further innovations for longer.

What would you say to someone who is considering studying your course at the University of Bristol?

Be ready for a lot of independent learning. Make friends to study with and have a genuine interest in the course.

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