Why study computer science?

The average salary for Bristol Computer Science students fifteen months after graduation is £32,000. That's £6,000 more than the average for the UK as a whole (Source: Discover Uni 2021). There is strong and growing demand for computer science skills and a wide range of careers to choose from.

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We live in a digital age and computers play a part in just about every aspect of life. Their use has transformed society and computer scientists are at the heart of that change.  Our undergraduates benefit from a thorough grounding in all the basics, the opportunity to work with industrial mentors and an emphasis on project work. Projects allow students to specialise. For example, third year MEng Computer Science students work in teams of six to create a state-of-the-art computer game. In this video, students talk about their games projects. 

Investing in our students

We've invested £2.7 million in computer teaching facilities, including a new collaborative lab, designed for flexibility and usability and equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology and PCs. It's a brilliant addition to our modern building which also houses a popular Hackspace (a creative space for hacking, making and  crafting) and a large atrium that's a hive of activity.

We are right at the heart of the Clifton campus, with great shops, cafes and a vibrant night-life. It's only a ten minute walk away from the harbourside or Clifton Village. 

Bristol student life

Why you'll fall in love with our city. 

Why Bristol is best for computer science

  • A concentration of high-technology industries in and around Bristol offers unparalleled opportunities before and after graduation (scholarships, summer placements, industrial seminars and exclusive employment opportunities)
  • Strong links with local employers working in software development, animation, microelectronics, games and communications and with significant computer users (eg financial services) keep our courses relevant
  • You will be taught by internationally-renowned experts with a passion for the subject 
  • You'll have privileged access to state-of-the-art facilities
  • We're in the top ten for computer science (Complete University Guide 2022)


As a computer science graduate, you have a wide range of career opportunities and a high earnings potential. In-depth knowledge of computer systems, programming and applications and a solid grounding in logical reasoning, design, problem solving and communication are highly valued by employers in the computing industry and beyond.  Here are just a few career routes you might take:-  

Software, products and services: Technical careers make direct use of computing for software development, product design and online services. You'll need to pick up new programming languages and systems quickly, and be able to work effectively within small and large teams, whether in large software and systems companies or small enterprises developing state-of-the-art applications.

IT and commerce: Computing knowledge is used in the design of large computer systems and networks in the IT and commerce areas, including large databases and business information systems. A good awareness of available technology and how big systems and networks operate together will help you to maximise efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Media: A popular destination for our graduates, covering film, television and the internet. As well as web site development, there are exciting new careers in animation and film making where software tools are increasingly important. This growth area combines technology skills with creativity and team working.

Start ups: You might set up your own business as many of our graduates (and sometimes undergraduates) have done. The dynamic nature of computing means there is huge potential novel and exciting products and services.  Many computer science graduates have made their fortune via this entrepreneurial route.

Postgraduate study: You could develop your computing skills or opt for a postgraduate course in another area, such as an MBA in order to enter management, or a biology related course to give you expertise relevant to the emerging Biotechnology Industry.

Industrial Liaison Office

A dedicated faculty team that connects our students with business opportunities. Mentoring schemes, internships and summer placements all help you plan for a bright future. 

SETsquared Bristol is an award winning business incubator that operates within the wider partnership.

It's one of our numerous academic and business collaborations.


We work with other faculties on a number of strategic research themes, for example:-

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