We recognise and celebrate student talent and contributions.

Top returning CS students

  • Top five year 3 students, sponsored by Netcraft
  • Top ten year 2 CS students, sponsored by Netcraft
  • Hargrave scholarship, for Best performance in years 1 and 2 of the Computer Science BSc

Top Group Projects

  • Top year 3 group project, sponsored by Graphcore
  • Top year 2 group project

CS graduate awards

  • Top student on a 4-year degree programme, sponsored by XMOS
  • Top student on a 3-year degree programme, sponsored by Graphcore
  • Best final year MEng project Best final year BSc project, sponsored by the Hargrave family
  • Best final year Mathematics and Computer Science project
  • Best computer architecture project, sponsored by Infineon
  • Best security project, sponsored by BAE Systems
  • Best Enterprise MEng project, sponsored by HPE
  • Best Computer Vision project, sponsored by OneBigCircle
  • Best software development project, sponsored by Sony/SN Systems
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