A computer science degree from Bristol will open up a wide range of career opportunities. Computing graduates have a unique range of skills to offer, combining in-depth knowledge of computer systems, programming and applications, with a solid grounding in logical reasoning, design, problem solving and communication. These skills are highly valued by employers and our graduates are able to find rewarding and exciting careers.

You can decide to make use of your computing skills directly within the computing industry, or use them as a stepping stone into a different sector, such as media or finance. Alternatively, you could add to your computing skills by taking a postgraduate course in another area, such as an MBA in order to enter management, or a biology related course to give you expertise relevant to the emerging Biotechnology Industry.

Career routes taken by our graduates

Software, products and services

Many of our graduates move into technical careers in which they make use of their computing skills directly, working on software development, product design and the provision of online services. These require an ability to pick up new programming languages and systems quickly, and be able to work effectively within small and large teams. Employers are either large software and systems companies or small start-up enterprises developing state-of-the-art applications.

IT and commerce

The alternative to a purely technical career is to make use of your computing knowledge in order to design large computer systems and networks in the IT and commerce areas. This includes large databases and business information systems. The emphasis here is less on technical detail and more on having a good awareness of the available technology and how big systems and networks can operate together to maximise efficiency and cost effectiveness.


An increasingly popular destination for our graduates is the media industry, covering film, television and the Internet. As well as web site development, there are exciting new careers in animation and film making. The latest animated movie would not be possible without the software tools to create more realistic animations. This is likely to remain a growth area for computer science graduates, and one that requires combining technology skills with creativity and team working.

Or go your own way - there is always plenty of opportunity to set up your own business. Many of our graduates (and sometimes undergraduates) are now taking this route. The dynamic nature of computing means that there is always potential for designing novel and exciting products and services which can be delivered by small start-up companies. Many computer science graduates have made their fortune via this entrepreneurial route.

Links with industry

Find out more about The Bristol Computer Science Industrial Partnership and how it facilitates cooperation and collaboration between the Department of Computer Science and related industries.

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