James Blyth

We spoke to our Civil Engineering alumni about their current roles and what advice they have for future students.

Since leaving Bristol...

I was lucky enough to land a graduate job with Arup and have been there for 4 and a half years. Looking forwards I hope to move to Canada next year and spend a year out travelling.

In my current job...

I use the geotechnical theory and soft skills I learned on the course to design geotechnical structures and manage the resources and processes involved in delivering successful projects. I have spent most of my career involved in the redoubling of the railway between Filton and Lawrence Hill in Bristol which has been a great opportunity to engineer positive solutions in my own back yard. More recently I'm working on the remedial works to the seawall at Dawlish, a place that is top of BBC weather's go to list when ever there is a storm.

Having a UoB Civil Engineering degree...

It goes without saying that it opens doors to major engineering companies like Arup. But engineering aside it displays a skill set that is incredibly valuable to a wide range of jobs. Critical thinking, management, communication, mathematics, problem solving etc.

Top tips for future students...

Having a solid technical understanding is good, but learning how to work well in a team and get the best out of one another is how we deliver projects successfully. Be a good human, get motivated by sustainable development. As an Engineer you'll have a huge opportunity to make lasting impacts on the planet, let that be a positive legacy. Look out for your fellow students, engineering is tough, don't be afraid to talk about mental health - you can beat the stigma. Lastly, at Arup we are always looking out for students willing to undertake summer placements in a huge range of disciplines. If you're keen get in touch with the Bristol office!

Current position:

Geotechnical Engineer at Arup Bristol

Programme studied:

Civil Engineering
Graduated 2014

As an Engineer you'll have a huge opportunity to make lasting impacts on the planet, let that be a positive legacy

James Blyth
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