Project work

Design is at the heart of engineering and forms the core of our courses.  It is:

  • the process of applying the knowledge and skills you have been learning elsewhere;
  • creative and open-ended;
  • depends on 'systems thinking'; and
  • individual flair. 

Design is learnt partly through formal teaching but mainly by trying out ideas and seeing if they work.  The course work exposes you to many different problems and situations to stimulate your imagination.  Please see examples of the design process through group projects:

Third Year Research Projects

Fourth Year Design Projects

Planning the location of a dam in Wales

The best things about the course are the projects. We’ve explored surveying, design of concrete and steel buildings, design of a dam, a highway junction and a school. There are a vast array of projects to work on, from windfarm design and tackling congestion in Bristol to redesigning family-owned businesses.

Vessy Dobreva (MEng)

Bristol has a brilliant reputation for producing extremely proficient engineers. When I decided to become an engineer I wanted to be taught by the best. Studying here has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You will learn more than you ever believed you could and the academic staff are truly inspiring.

Emily Ducas (MEng)
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