Emma England

The University of Bristol is at the forefront of research in the aerospace sector, and has close links to industry. It was initially for these reasons I considered studying at Bristol, however two further contributing factors that made my decision an easy one were the people and the fantastic city itself.

The thing that struck me most when I went to look around the University was that everyone was so friendly and helpful. This is something that continued throughout my degree, and even now after having left the University. The lecturers and support staff are always willing to help.

The Engineering Faculty has great facilities and tools for undergraduate students to use, which is not always the case at other universities I visited; from 3D printing facilities to wind tunnels to CAD software. The course itself not only focuses on the fundamentals, but it also includes teaching about state of the art technology and research. Students are actively encouraged to participate in research through the individual research project; these are genuine projects at the cutting edge of research.

The Aerospace course has a number of different design projects that allows students to develop their aerospace design skills in an area of their choice - fixed wing design, rotary wing design, or space and satellite design - by working closely with advisors from Airbus, AgustaWestland, and Airbus Defence and Space.

The fixed wing design project enabled me to understand the fundamentals of aircraft design and inspired me to apply to Airbus for the Graduate Programme in Flight Physics, where I now work.

Now working at Airbus, I am putting the knowledge I acquired at Bristol to practice. However, it is not only the theoretical and practical knowledge but also soft skills such as the leadership, team working, problem solving and work ethic.

In February 2016, Emma won the Semta Skills Award Best of British Engineering.

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Emma England, Aerospace Engineering, Airbus, Graduate programme in Flight Physics
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