Patricia Darez

I am originally from Spain but studied in Bristol. I chose Bristol because it is a University with an excellent reputation, good links to industry in a vibrant city which is full of diversity and culture. I really enjoyed the Aerospace degree and after finishing I did a PGCE and became a secondary school teacher of Physics.

Apart from being great fun, teaching definitely honed my leadership, public speaking, working under pressure, management and organisation skills. Following this, I had no problems finding a job in the renewable energy industry. Bristol is a renewable energy hub with exciting companies doing cutting edge work.

I worked as a wind energy analyst, first for a wind developer and then in a consultancy environment where I also managed to do a bit of solar PV work and got a fair bit of experience working in renewable energy projects located across the globe. There is no doubt that the Aerospace degree was a strong foundation to develop problem solving skills and feel comfortable tackling technical problems.

Four years later, I received an offer working for an Irish Wind and PV Developer with offices also in Chile where I supported approximately 1.5GW of Wind and Solar projects (mostly in Chile, but also in South Africa and to a smaller degree Canada and the USA).  South America is an exciting place and with a high demand for technical professionals with international experience. I have been based here for the last 5 years and I am now a Director of my own consultancy which specialises in supporting investors and developers of renewable energy projects with emphasis across Latin America.

Our mission is clear: we want to support the transition to 100% renewable energy generation as soon as possible.

I also founded the GTER (, a platform for professionals and academics in the field of renewable energy who work together to investigate relevant issues with the purpose of optimising industry best practice and provide tools to influence policy. This played a key role expanding knowledge on the topics of Soiling Losses in the Atacama Desert (Intersolar 2014 and PVSec 2015), Wind Farm Noise Regulation in Chile or Quantifying the Interannual Variability of the Wind and Solar Resource in Chile (PVSec 2015).

With the Andes so close, Chile is a nature and adventure sport paradise. There is plenty of trekking, climbing, MTBing, surfing or skiing to do if you are so inclined! I also try hard to find time to represent the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) across the region.

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Patricia Darez, Aerospace Engineering
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