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Contract Theory workshop with keynote lecture by Nobel laureate Oliver Hart

Oliver Hart

Nobel laureate Professor Oliver Hart

17 May 2019

This keynote lecture and two day workshop on Contract Theory is jointly organised by the School of Economics, Finance and Management and University of Bristol Law School.

Nobel prize-winning Oliver Hart, Professor of Economics at Harvard University (and IAS Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor at the University of Bristol) will be delivering a keynote speech to open our two day Contract Theory workshop on the 20th June.

The event will bring together international experts in the field, from lawyers and economists to contract practitioners. Professor Hart's lecture is based on the novel approach that rather than writing very detailed contracts parties should instead try to get on the same page concerning how unanticipated events will be dealt with. Emphasizing fairness and communication in the contract can improve adjustment to unanticipated events. 

The workshop will further explore this novel approach to contracts. Also the implications of disruptive technologies, particularly in relation to smart contracting and autonomous decision-making will be examined.

Find out more about the speakers and topics by taking a look at the workshop programme.

Professor Oliver Hart comments, "I am excited to attend this conference because it brings together a whole range of people who work on contracts: economic theorists, contract practitioners and academic lawyers. This is an unusual combination and I think it will lead to great cross-fertilization of ideas."

All university staff and students are welcome at the lecture which will be followed by refereshments.

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