Management Seminars: Peter Robinson (Leeds Beckett University)

29 October 2019, 12.00 PM - 29 October 2019, 1.30 PM

Peter Robinson (Leeds Beckett University)

1.01 Howard House

Title: Prosuming Cold War Sites as a Metaphor for the Future of Tourism


As tourists increasingly embrace opportunities for individualism and self-embodiment so the industry needs to respond with new opportunities for active engagement in tourist sites. This means we need to know more about the changing nature of the experiences we seek as tourists. Rapidly changing geo-political contexts and a fascination with post-disaster televisual worlds provides opportunities to consider the paradoxical nature of authenticity and nostalgia as we produce and consume visitor experiences. Positioning the tourist as a co-creator, and more importantly as a prosumer, the research which contributes to this seminar sets out a framework through which future opportunities for understanding the evolution of tourism management and marketing might be explored. Building on the ideas of prosumption and positioning this within urban exploration and cold war tourism this seminar addresses traditional tourist typologies and tourist behaviours, considers the idea of place-hacking and questions what it might mean to be a tourist in the 21st Century as we seek out new worlds we can call our own.


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