Management Seminars: Gibson Burrell (University of Leicester)

21 May 2019, 12.00 PM - 21 May 2019, 1.30 PM

Gibson Burrell (University of Leicester)

1.01 Howard House

Title: Machismo, Masculinity and Management across Time and Space


Although the term is Latin American in origin, ‘machismo’ is seen here as a ‘mode of organising’ that is widely spread across the Northern Anglophone world. The term is coming back into discursive use as right wing ideology in which men are presented as having lost their power and potency in the face of feminist mobilisation and legislative success. Thus, the restorative focus is upon testosterone-fuelled cruelty, the male treatment of women as inferior in intellect and ability, the wish to inflict pain, the need to be obeyed instantly and feared constantly, the desire to boast of one’s prowess, to possess the trappings of power and feel no remorse for using them both systematically and randomly, the ability to bear pain oneself so much more than the next ‘man’, to be a ‘man’ therefore who is respected and for that respect to be shown everywhere and at all times by others. These are all manifestations of machismo in the modern Western world that reflect, at least in some measure, the patterns still to be found in South America but were nevertheless of European origin within 'chivalry'. The paper will demonstrate the past and current expressions of machismo in organizing the world for management.

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