Management Seminars: Cathy Leung

4 February 2019, 12.00 PM - 4 February 2019, 1.30 PM

Cathy Leung

1.01 Howard House

Title: Boosting the students' learning under challenges - The case study of Taobao and HK Express Airways


Compared to the past, pursuing higher education nowadays has no longer been a guarantee of the career path.  Peter Thiel suggested the higher education as “Fail U.: the false promise of higher education” and “disrupting college”; he also commented the higher education “ a big waste and pay you to drop out” in the interview Newsweek conducted.

In the era of information explosion, a degree holder of higher education is not equivalent to a certificate of elites with higher social status. Every piece of knowledge can be looked up handily by everyone in everywhere, this brought the challenge for the authority to promote higher education as a applicable and inspirational way of learning. Education is not only a process of obtaining qualifications, while development of inspiration and analytical skills, effective learning, and  learning experience are the core values for students. It is also important for instructors to provide guidance by raising questions and providing interactive activities to engage pupils. 

To practise a fun, self-driven, and memorable learning experience, case study has been regarded as one of the effective didactics.  By introducing inter-discipline real life cases, pupils are engaged to discuss throughout the paradoxical circumstances. Problem solving skills, analytical skills, and negotiation skills are often developed.

For the samples of case study, the business model of Taobao and HK Express Airways can be applied. Taobao is a successful and competitive e-business platform that expanded its business in the US and Europe market with a share of hundred million transactions; while HK Express Airways concentrates on short haul flights to sustain its competitive advantage in the aviation industry through a new paradigm for incorporation of the Porter (1986) competitive strategy. By studying the competitive advantages on their competitors, qualitative case research on cooperates with genuine desire for reflectivity, sustainability will be carried out as a predatory. Business theory is analysed with the application of real life cooperates, and  therefore serves as an interactive learning method.



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