Economics External Seminar: Yuichi Kitamura (Yale)

15 May 2019, 1.00 PM - 15 May 2019, 2.00 PM

Yuichi Kitamura (Yale)

1B6 Priory Road Complex

Title: Methods for nonparametric counterfactual analysis with (or without) convex structure 

Abstract: Providing counterfactuals given an economic model, while avoiding ad hoc assumptions is an important task.  In this talk I argue that there are many models that satisfy certain convexity properties, which, in turn, enable us to calculate counterfactuals and carry out inference about them under minimal assumptions.  This typically yield predictions in terms of bounds, and we need inferential procedures that address non-standard features associated with them, but at the same time practically implementable.  These tasks typically require optimization in very high dimensions, but they can be carried out under the convexity properties, combined with appropriate algorithms and recent advances in computational resources.  Various examples will be discussed.  This talk will be based on joint projects with Rahul Deb, Lucas de Lima, Myrto Kalouptsidi, Eduardo Souza Rodrigues, Joerg Stoye and John Quah.  

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