Management Seminars: Gareth Edwards

23 May 2017, 4.00 PM - 23 May 2017, 5.30 PM

Dr Gareth Edwards (University of the West of England)

G.15, 15-19 Tyndall's Park Road, BRISTOL BS8 1PQ

Title: Speaking from within a trickster tale: reflections on leadership learning facilitation through indigenous folklore


This presentation uses the folklore mythology of the trickster to problematize experiences of facilitating leadership learning in both executive and undergraduate contexts.  The analysis takes an aesthetic and narrative approach which helps to develop aspects of reflection that contribute to the continued development of critical approaches to leadership learning and development within organisation studies. The presentation represents a contribution particularly in unravelling issues relating to the liminal in leadership learning. Paying attention to the trickster tale draws attention to the romanticisation of leadership development and its facilitation.  It also offers ways to problematize the ethics of leadership education and to uncover ethical issues inherent in the approaches to which the presenter has experienced.  The presentation will conclude by making recommendations for research, theory and practice.

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