Bristol Workshop on Economic Policy Interventions and Behaviour

15 June 2017, 9.00 AM - 16 June 2017, 4.00 PM

Keynote speaker: Fabian Lange, McGill (currently EUI)

Room 4.10, 35 Berkeley Square, Clifton, Bristol (UK)

How do incentives created by social and economic policies affect individual behaviour?

This workshop focuses on high-quality empirical research on fundamentals behind treatment effects of policy interventions: the presented studies not only assess the impact of policies on economic outcomes (like employment, income etc.) – but go a step further. They aim at identifying mechanisms of individual behaviour which can explain the policy outcomes. By using such approaches, they offer a deeper understanding of policy effects.

For further information, please download the programme (PDF, 863kB).

Contact information

Patrick Arni, Gerard van den Berg
University of Bristol, Department of Economics

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