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Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures - Call for Proposals

3 February 2021

The Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Network (TESF) are inviting applications from research teams interested in developing proposals that can assist in meeting their research objectives.

The Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Network Plus is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund through the Economic and Social Research Council Network Plus scheme. It is coordinated out of the University of Bristol and works with partners in India, Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It is due to run for three and a half years, from November 2019 to April 2023. 

The network’s aim is to develop new knowledge that can assist education policy makers, practitioners, non-governmental and community-based organisations to implement policies and practices in education that are transformative and can contribute to ensuring equitable, just and environmentally sustainable development. To this end, the network is looking to fund and support a balanced mix of exploratory, innovative studies and pilot projects within the four countries of research focus (India, Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland and South Africa). Funding levels will vary from small (up to £10k), medium (up to £30k) to large (up to £100k) for projects lasting between 12-18 months. Proposals will be expected to show how the co-creation of new knowledge will contribute to the TESF network’s objectives.

The network’s call for proposals is now open for Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland and South Africa. The call in India has been slightly delayed due to recent regulatory changes in India, however, further details should be available by end of February 2021. 

Further information

Please visit the TESF website for more information on the call or contact if you have any questions.

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