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Research participants required for research on creative assessment

31 October 2021

Are you a student at the School of Education and would like to take part in some research? School of Education's Dr Simon Brownhill is seeking students to take part in research exploring student perceptions of creative ways of demonstrating summative learning at university.

Dr Simon Brownhill, School of Education Senior Lecturer of Education, is seeking students from the School of Education to take part in research between Monday 1st November 2021 and Wednesday 1st December 2021.

This exploratory research seeks to explore the perceptions of students at the University of Bristol School of Education (UoB SoE) in relation to the ways that they demonstrate summative learning (what they have learned at the end of a unit) as part of their university studies and how they could creatively do this.

Students from across a suite of courses/programmes offered by the UoB SoE (not including the BA Education on this occasion) will be asked to identify and reflect on the ways that they currently demonstrate summative learning through the units they have studied/are studying on their respective course/programme, considering creative alternatives and ‘creative touches’ (presentation-wise) as potential ways to engage students and diversify existing summative assessment practices.

Exploration of these student views (at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level) will be achieved via an online questionnaire which will take approximately 11-13 minutes to complete.

Responses can be made between 01/11/21 and 01/12/21 by following the link below.

The findings of this research will inform the direction of focus group discussions planned with students and academics as part of a BA/Leverhulme small research grant that Dr Brownhill is hoping to secure funding for in 2022.


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