Geology is the study of the solid earth. It looks at the material of which it is composed and the processes by which they change. Its study informs us of the history of the Earth and how life has evolved on it.

Our courses

BSc Geology
UCAS code F600, 3 years full-time

MSci Geology
UCAS code F603, 4 years full-time

MSci Geology with Study Abroad
UCAS code F609, 4 years full-time

Detailed course structure

The course structure for the current academic year can be found by searching 'Geology' in the programme catalogue.

Please note programme structures and individual units are reviewed annually and may change in subsequent years.

Bristol is a great place to study Earth sciences. The department is highly rated in research and staff are friendly and approachable.

Miranda Naish (MSci Environmental Geoscience with Study Abroad)

Did you know?

All of these courses are accredited by the The Geological Society.

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