Environmental Geoscience

Our Environmental Geoscience degrees are heavily science based, emphasising the interactions between the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere in developing and controlling Earth's environment.

Our courses

BSc Environmental Geoscience
UCAS code F640, 3 years full-time

MSci Environmental Geoscience
UCAS code F641, 4 years full-time

MSci Environmental Geoscience with Study Abroad
UCAS code F644, 4 years full-time

Detailed course structure

The course structure for the current academic year can be found by searching 'Environmental Geoscience' in the programme catalogue.

Please note programme structures and individual units are reviewed annually and may change in subsequent years.

When a compulsory part of your course is a week long field trip to Tenerife, it's hard not to be excited about travelling to go and see the soils and ecology of somewhere entirely new.

Rachel Dunn (MSci Environmental Geoscience)

Did you know?

All of these courses are accredited by the The Geological Society.

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