HiPerDiF (high performance discontinuous fibre) technology, invented at the University of Bristol, produces highly aligned discontinuous fibre composites with the goal of addressing the issues of the composite industry - manufacturing and recycling.

HiPerDiF capabilities

The high-volume, automated process of producing defect-free aligned discontinuous fibre composites via HiPerDiF will lead to a significant advancement in the sustainability of composite materials.

Fibre alignment

HiPerDiF technology employs a series of fibre-water jets aimed perpendicular at an array of slotted plates.

Each fibre-water jet has a corresponding plate. The momentum change of the fibre-water jet on the plates aligns the fibres, parrallel to the plates.

The fibres are deposit on the mesh conveyor belt and water is removed via a vacuum pump.



Drying stage

The use of water as a dispersing agent leads to easy removal of water from both synthetic fibres and natural fibres  using a combination of vacuum and IR heating. 


Preform fabrication

A combination of preforms can be fabricated using a diverse range of fibres; natural, synthetic (virgin and reclaimed), along with thermosetting and thermoplastic matrices


Principal Investigator: 
Prof. Ian Hamerton

Dr Marco Longana
Dr Carwyn Ward
Dr Tom Rendall


Dr David Brigido
Ms Marcelle Hecker
Mr Ali Kandemir
Mr Narongkorn Krajangsawasdi
Ms Chantal Lewis
Mr Burak Ogun Yavuz

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Dr HaNa Yu
Dr Lourens Blok
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Prof. Ian Hamerton
Dr Marco Longana

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