Three Minute Thesis

Coffee, fish and aeroplanes

David Brigido (2016 cohort)

David explains how airplanes could save fuel consumption by mimicking your favourite fish and re-using coffee grains. He is working on a flexible aircraft wing inspired by a fish skeleton that can change shape in a smooth and continuous way like avian wings. David won the overall 3MT competition and the People's Choice award for his presentation. Jump to 2.18 minutes in the video below to watch David in action, then skip ahead to 23.12 minutes to watch David's acceptance speech.  

Nanocomposites — how tiny changes are having the biggest impact

Konstantina Kanari (2016 cohort)

Konstantina is passionate about finding new materials for the aerospace industry to create lighter and more efficient aeroplanes with reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Through clever use of a lasagne analogy Konstantina explains how she is experimenting with adding reinforcing layers of nanofibres to composite materials to make them lighter and stronger. Konstantina won the People's Choice award for her presentation.  

Flexible airplanes: achieving higher fuel efficiency by adapting wing shapes during flight

Andres Rivero (2015 cohort)

Andres is interested in methods of minimising the fuel consumption of airplanes. His work focuses on developing a morphing aerostructure – known as the Fish Bone Active Camber (FishBAC) – using composite materials. In this video he explains how his work takes inspiration from nature and how the airplanes of the future will be able to adapt their shape during flight to fly more like birds do. 

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