Winter 2011 issue 13

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Winter 11 cover (PDF, 38kB)This issue of Research in Public Policy focuses on the coalition government’s Open Public Services White Paper, published in July 2011, which sets out the government’s agenda for public service reform, based on five principles of choice, decentralisation, diversity, fairness and accountability.

The White Paper raises important questions about what is the best way to organise and deliver public services – such as whether and how competition can deliver better public services, what are the potential benefits, risks and barriers to the involvement of private and not-for-profit organisations, how to enable informed consumer choice and how to ensure accountability in a pluralised and fragmented model of public service delivery.

Here we bring together a set of articles from CMPO members and researchers at the London School of Economics, the Social Market Foundation, the Third Sector Research Centre and the Institute for Government, which provide valuable research evidence on these issues.

Helen Simpson and Sarah Smith

Research in Public Policy Winter 2011


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