Current funding is provided by the following partners.

Current grants

Assessing the aerosol radiative impact employing advanced methods to reduce uncertainties in the aerosol optical properties

Marie Sklodowska-Curie action, Independent Research Fellowship: 700843 — REDRAF - awarded to Dr. Antonio Valenzuela Gutierrez

Evaporative Drying of Droplets and the Formation of Micro-structured and Functional Particles and Films

EPSRC Grant Reference: EP/N025245/1 - collaborative grant with Profs. Colin Bain (Durham) and Andrew Bayly (Leeds)

International network for coordinating work on the physicochemical properties of molecules and mixtures important for atmospheric particulate matter

NERC Grant Reference: NE/N013700/1 - collaborative grant with Dr. David Topping (Manchester)

Improved Representation of Atmospheric Aerosol Hygroscopicity

NERC Grant Reference: NE/N006801/1 - collaborative grant with Profs. Simon Clegg (UEA) and Markus Petters (North Carolina State University)

Diffusion and Equilibration in Viscous Atmospheric Aerosol

NERC Grant Reference: NE/M004600/1 - collaborative grant with Dr. David Topping (Manchester) and Dr. Jacqui Hamilton (York)

Reducing the Uncertainties in Aerosol Hygroscopic Growth

NERC Grant Reference: NE/L006901/1 - collaborative grant with Prof. Simon Clegg (UEA) 

New Frontiers in Aerosol Particle Measurements

EPSRC Grant Reference: EP/L010569/1 - collaborative grant with Dr. Paddy Royall (Bristol)


Expired grants

A Prototype Optical Instrument for the Analysis of Single Aerosol Particless

Analytical Science and Technology Studentship - collaborative grant with Prof. Andrew Orr-Ewing (Bristol) 
NERC Grant Reference NE/J01754X/1

Aerosol-Cloud Interactions - A Directed Programme to Reduce Uncertainty in Forcing through a Targeted Laboratory and Modelling Programme -Directed Research Grant (2011-2014)

NERC Grant Reference: NE/I020075/1

A Prototype Aerosol Optical Tweezers Instrument

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award with Biral

New Strategies for Sampling, Analysing and Understanding Aerosols

Leadership Fellowship (2009-2014)
EPSRC Grant Refrence: EP/G007713/1

Sensing with Water Droplets: Applications of the Non-Linear Spectroscopy of Aerosol

Institutional Sponsorship Award (2012-2013)

A Novel Instrument for Characterising the Properties and Processes of Single Accumulation Mode Aerosol Particles

Technology Proof of Concept Programme (2010-2012)
NERC Grant Reference: NE/H001972/1

Characterisation of the Properties and Dynamics of Single Microparticles

Responsive Mode Grant (2007-2011)
EPSRC Grant Refrence: EP/F002122/1

Formation Pathways and Properties of Organic Aerosol

APPRAISE Core Programme (2006-2009)
NERC Grant Reference: Click here

The Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Aerosol Droplets

EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship (2004-2009)
EPSRC Grant Reference: GR/S52254/01

Optically Controlled Digital Microfluidics

EPSRC Grant Reference: EP/D003326/1

Characterising the Optical Properties of Scattering and Absorbing Aerosol Particles

NERC Grant Reference: NE/C512537/1

Fundamental Studies of Heterogeneous Chemical Dynamics at the Liquid-Gas Interface of Aerosol Particles

EPSRC Grant Reference: GR/S52261/01

Laboratory studies of the dynamics of aerosol droplets

NERC Grant, Reference: NER/T/S/2002/00027

Investigations of Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry: Developing a New Analytical Tool for Probing Microparticles

EPSRC Grant, Reference: GR/R36763/01

Chemical Dynamics Near the Liquid-Gas Interface: Proton Transfer Probed by Non-Linear Optical Techniques

EPSRC Grant, Reference: GR/N39951/01

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