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Bristol chemists awarded prestigious ERC Advanced Grants

4 April 2023

Professor Varinder Aggarwal and Professor Anthony Davis have been awarded prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grants of €2.5m for their respective research projects.

It is the third time Professor Aggarwal has received such a grant, making him the first Bristol researcher and one of very select few in Europe to be recognised in this way. This latest award is for the project "Conformation, Automation and Applications of Polyborons in Synthesis" (COOLIES), a broad ranging program which includes trying to automate the complex field of organic synthesis using boron chemistry as a key component to facilitate C-C bond-forming reactions and an investigation into a new codon language employing boron to create molecules for information storage and retrieval.

Professor Davis has been awarded the grant for his project "After GluHUT – A New Era for Synthetic Carbohydrate Receptors", which aims to transform the lives of diabetics.

The project is based on GluHUT, a glucose-binding molecule with exceptional properties which was developed in his lab and commercialised through the start-up company Ziylo. The work aims to exploit GluHUT in a number of new ways, and also to develop the underlying science so that other carbohydrates can be targeted.

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