Wülfing Lab

The Wülfing laboratory is interested in understanding how T cell signalling is amplified or attenuated in health and disease. To gain unique access to the system-wide, complex processes driving such signal tuning, we directly investigate signalling as it occurs in time and space inside primary T cells activated by antigen presenting cells with large-scale live cell imaging approaches.

An overview of our determination of the spatiotemporal organisation of T cell activation with > 70 elements analysed is given in the section ‘Spatiotemporal patterning of T cell activation’. We are continuously expanding our data set and gladly image additional sensors in collaboration with outside investigators (please contact us if interested).

To determine how signalling organisation regulates T cell function, we alter the localization of key signalling intermediates and determine functional consequences. We address basic models of T cell activation and applied models of the anti-cancer immune response and autoimmune disease. Findings are contained in our most recent publications.

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