Dr Tim Pelham

 "The CDT offered an amazing opportunity to work as part of a great community on exciting research projects."

Alumni Profile: Tim Pelham

How the CDT helped develop my career

The CDT offered an amazing opportunity to take a break from working as a Senior Systems Engineer and concentrating on my research into antennas & propagation. The communications group has a great community of talent and driven academics who provide valuable insight into navigating my way towards funding of my research, and long term goal of taking up teaching in addition to my research. 

How CDT training benefitted my research

As a physicist turned systems engineer before starting my PhD with the CDT at Bristol, the combination of taught and research portions helped to broaden my knowledge of electrical engineering from my focus on propagation modelling, to a broad base of functional knowledge. This knowledge has laid an excellent foundation for my long term aspiration of gaining a post as a lecturer and leading research into advance antenna array designs for communications & sensing.

Background Information

I received an Masters in Physics at the University of Surrey in 2009, followed by work as a Systems Engineer for MBDA in Bristol. In 2012 Timothy left MBDA to study for a PhD through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Communications at the University of Bristol. I am currently pursuing an Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the University of Bristol, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering. My research interests extend from antennas and propagation physics, across electromagnetics modelling, to complex systems modelling and concept design, and my current work combines conventional direction finding techniques with electromagnetics modelling, computer vision and RF fingerprinting to develop spatial intelligence as a new way to secure wireless networks.

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