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Delivering the ‘Future City’: Does Bristol have the capacities it needs?

Future city wordle

Festival of the future city

15 December 2015

In Bristol’s 2015 European Green Capital year, the Cabot Institute has been working with partners across the city for a series of conversations to examine how Bristol might develop in the future.

By working with the Bristol Green Capital Partnership to bring together interesting, thoughtful people from across academic, public, private and civil society, we are responding to some of Bristol's pressing issues.  This includes possible devolution agreements, increasing austerity, the extent to which citizens are engaged, and how far a city can control its own destiny.

The conversations we have had drew on the knowledge generated through the 2015 year but were also intended to be bolder and more incisive in taking a future-focussed, ambitious look at the city’s capacity for self-determination and change. We have used Wordles to capture the main issues in each conversation.

Initial outputs from each conversation can be found in the following posts on the Cabot Institute blog:

An event ‘Delivering the future city in the face of global challenges’ at the launch of the Festival of the Future City brought together ideas from the earlier conversations (see abbreviated slides) with work on Uncertain World and resilience and introduced them to  a wider audience for discussion.

The findings and policy implications are summarised in a Policy Briefing published by Policy Bristol.

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