City futures

We are helping cities to better understand the complex challenges they face, and support their transition to becoming sustainable, resilient and inclusive places with a high quality of life for all.

Contact the city futures research lead

Dr Sean Fox (School of Geographical Sciences)

The Urban Living Partnership Booklet

Urban-Living-Partnership (PDF, 1,203kB)

An ambitious new multi-disciplinary co-creation approach to solving 'wicked' urban problems and helping UK cities realise their visions for future urban living.

We are a member of the Bristol SDG Alliance

The Bristol SDG Alliance brings together a range of organisations and individuals to raise awareness of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The Alliance are using the goals as a framework for Bristol's future sustainable and resilient development and enabling Bristol to monitor its own progress.  

What we do and why we have impact

Our researchers apply their knowledge and expertise to help cities around the globe become more sustainable - particularly in terms of their energy use, emissions, biodiversity and food production.

Current city futures research projects

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