Small molecule characterisation

The 700MHz 1.7mm cryoprobe is 5-6 times more sensitive than a 600 MHz 5mm cryoprobe. It can acquire 1H 1D spectra in the nanogram range (for a small compounds) and acquire standard 2D 1H observe experiments such as 1H-13C HSQC spectra on a few micrograms. For less sensitive experiments (1,1-ADEQUATE/HCNMBC) milligrams are necessary.

In addition, the NMR suite supports:

  • Computer-assisted structural elucidation.
  • Highly sensitive, high resolution 1D and 2D data on < 60 nanomoles.
  • High throughput, allowing structural elucidation to be achieved in minutes, especially when supplemented with mass spectrometry data and 1,1-ADEQUATE experiments.
  • Bacterial and fungal genomics and natural product mining. 
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