Peptide Synthesis and Biophysics

BrisSynBio has two CEM Liberty Blue automated, microwave-assisted peptide synthesisers. These support Fmoc peptide synthesis of sequences from two to about fifty residues at a scale from one to about one hundred milligrams. Supported chemical modifications include the addition of fluorophores, biotin and PEG for example. The facility is also equipped with a number of manual and automated HPLC systems for peptide purification.

In addition to peptide synthesis, peptide biophysical properties can be explored using the following equipment: 

  • Two Jasco J810/815 circular dichroism (CD) spectrometers. These can be used to investigate protein secondary structure (and also RNA, DNA etc.). Features include a Peltier temperature control stage, which allows thermal unfolding curves to be recorded; and hardware and software for titration and kinetic experiments.
  • Two analytical ultracentrifuges, which allow both sedimentation equilibrium and velocity measurements. These are equipped with absorbance and interference optics, and have rotors and cells that can operate up to 60 krpm.
  • A plate reader for fluorescence and absorbance measurements. This takes 96-well format plates, it is monochromator based, and supports titrations.

This equipment is housed in Chemistry.

Liberty Blue automated microwave-assisted peptide synthesiser

Equipment booking

BrisSynBio users are welcome to book our equipment.  

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