Funding opportunities


The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute is able to provide funding to support a range of strategically important research activities across the University of Bristol. Faculty Deans, the Wellcome Trust and the University itself have kindly provided this support.

The table above gives an overview of the current EBI funding schemes. The information about our funding schemes will be updated as the new schemes are being developed and launchedYou can find out more about each individual scheme by clicking on the scheme title. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the EBI Manager, Dr Nina Couzin, email

Previously funded projects

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute has funded over 100 different projects. These have varied from support of our most promising young researchers to interdisciplinary workshops to research projects including those with translational/commercial potential. You can download lists of EBI funded projects from 2013 - 2016 here.

EBI Awards 2013 Summary (PDF, 206kB)

EBI Awards 2014 Summary (PDF, 107kB) 

EBI Awards 2015 Summary (PDF, 260kB)

EBI Awards 2016 Summary (PDF, 88kB)

Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy

Any original research article arising out of research funded wholly or partially by the Wellcome Trust (WT) must be deposited in PubMed Central (PMC) and Europe PMC immediately upon publication or at the latest within six months of the journal publisher's official date of final publication (PMC and Europe PMC mirror each other so the article only needs to be deposited in one).  There is also a requirement for scholarly monographs and book chapters to be made open access.

Full details of the Wellcome Trust Open Access policy can be found on the Welcome Trust website []

Further guidelines and information on claiming an open access publication fee payment can be found on the University of Bristol Library’s pages []

Where Trust-funded researchers have not complied with the Open Access Policy, sanctions will apply [].

If you have any questions about Open Access, please contact


The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute gratefully acknowledges financial support from the University of Bristol and the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund

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