Understanding the Evolution of Life

Butterfly Brains

Relationships Among Organisms

Tree of Life

We conduct fundamental research into the patterns and processes that have generated the astonishing diversity of life on Earth.
From molecules to ecosystems, research topics span the emergence of the earliest form of life, to the evolutionary aspects of environmental change, sustainability and the biodiversity crisis. Our expertise touches all the areas of the Tree of Life, including single-celled organisms, plants, animals, fungi, and the pathogens and parasites responsible for emerging infectious diseases. We apply novel interdisciplinary approaches to understanding key questions about the past and present of life, and importantly, to inform its future. Core to our advances is the use and development of state-of-the-art methods combining evolutionary genomics (bioinformatics), engineering biology, the diversity of past (palaeobiology and phylogenetics) and present life (population and behavioural ecology), and developmental biology (evo-devo).
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