Students, Researchers

The BILT Student Research Journal was pioneered by BILT Student Fellow Emily Kinder in 2019 as a way to showcase undergraduate research and give students the opportunity to run and contribute to an academic journal.

With over 200 submissions, the first journal was a huge success and proved just how much students want opportunities to celebrate their work, engage with each others research and grow academically.

The journal is student led meaning that students are in control of the whole process, from editing to peer-reviewing. We hope the journal will encourage students to see themselves as researchers and promote the view that they are valued members of the academic community at the University of Bristol.

We are currently accepting abstracts for the 2022 Student Research Journal. Please visit our Call for Abstracts page for full details and to submit your abstract. 

View the 2020 Journal.

View the 2021 Journal. 

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