Curriculum Festival

Whether you’re developing a new programme or reinvigorating an old one a Curriculum Festival is the place to develop the ‘big picture’ and design your programme to be transformative for students. 

  • Taking place in-person the Festivals are a full day plus lunch.

Who should attend?
Unit and programme directors and as many staff who teach on the units as possible. This is an opportunity for everyone to take ownership and shape the programme, contribute thoughts, experiences and ambitions. Representatives from careers, the library and professional services staff who support the delivery can help support the practicalities and we welcome attendance of hourly paid tutors, faculty employability advisors, critical friends and, in particular, students.

Current Students, Alumni & Employers
Students on a similar programme or alumni add valuable insight and ideas. Staff can be surprised by what students found useful in the workplace, their attitudes towards activities and the way they perceive the programme. Student input is vital for the co-creation of an exciting curriculum.

What will I do?
Each Festival is a guided session with thoughtful activities to stimulate ideas and creativity. We will engage you with:

  • Thinking about what attributes you want your students to develop during the programme and how the design of your curriculum will deliver that.
  • Exploring the meaning of curriculum beyond the acquisition of knowledge to reflect on how we can transform how students think and practice their subject. The Bristol Curriculum Framework serves as a touchstone for your ambitions.
  • Developing with your programme team your overarching story/masterplan for the programme.

What’s the outcome?
A vision of a coherent and transformative programme which articulates the ‘big’ ideas, has a clear roadmap of how units fit together and communicates a journey that students understand and can get excited about. 

Next steps

This broad vision needs capturing in the nitty gritty of unit descriptors which brings us on to the Writing Retreats

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Curriculum Festival - School of Law perspective

In this short video Professor Ken Oliphant and Dr Clair Gammage talk about the School of Law's Curriculum Festival.

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