Show, Tell and Talk workshops

The annual BILT Show, Tell and Talk seminar series is based around our priority themes. Sessions run at lunchtimes in person and usually take place monthly in term time. Each session looks at particular questions or problems and explore examples from across the University that demonstrate how the topic has been approached within the local context. The focus is on practical application and generalisable lessons learnt so that staff from across the University can take forward the ideas they hear about in Show, Tell and Talks and apply them to their own subject areas. Group discussion is encouraged, and this year we will end each session with a 20 minute informal mingle over tea and biscuits.

All events take place on a Wednesday lunchtime, 1 pm until 2.30 pm in Room 1.20, Helen Wodehouse Building, 35 Berkeley Square.

Banner image for 2023-24 Show Tell and Talk series of workshops

Full list of events for 2023-24

Pedagogic research culture: 8 November 2023

International student experience: 6 December 2023

Designing for all – Inclusive assessment: 14 February 2024

Designing for all – AI and assessment: 20 March 2024

Decolonisation and sustainability: 10 April 2024 

Designing for all – Group assessment: 22 May 2024 


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