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Get involved by representing the alumni community, organising an event, or helping current students with career advice.

Your local alumni community 

Wherever you live, join a local group of Bristol alumni and meet new people who share a common bond.

Alumni groups and networks

Reconnect with your University by joining one of our international networks, UK Branches, Halls Associations or special interest groups – a great way to stay in touch with old friends, or make new contacts within the Bristol community, however far your degree has taken you.

We’re always looking for alumni volunteers to start new groups and networks – email alumni@bris.ac.uk with your ideas.

‌ Everything I've learnt as an intern is really practical, and transferable to any workplace. Now I’m applying for full-time jobs, I can demonstrate a range of desirable skills, and draw on practical examples. I’d feel really lost in today's job market without this experience.

Olivia (LLB 2013)