Managing water

Fanny Sarrazin

Fanny Sarrazin (PhD 2014-) is studying the impact of land use change on the world’s water resources, which is vital for our planet’s future.

'We all need water to survive. But changes in the way we use land for farming, industry or settlement, together with changes in our global climate, are having a severe impact on the world’s water resources.

'My research looks at how best to manage our water now – to try to pre-empt the problems we’ll face in the future. After all, depleted water resources could become one of the biggest threats to the future of the human race.

'I wouldn’t be able to carry out such vital research without alumni funding. I wouldn’t have been able to cover my tuition fees and living costs, nor attend conferences relevant to my field.

'Bristol is known for its research into hydrology and environmental management. I admire the work of its Water Research Group, and am looking forward to learning from, and working alongside, so many experts in their respective fields.'

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