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Many of the University’s past achievements have been made possible by legacies from alumni and friends. Your legacy could help shape Bristol’s successes in the future. Watch the video below to hear about the legacy gifts left in the name of H.H. Potter (BSc 1919), which will fund physics PhD's in perpetuity.

We encourage all of our supporters to ensure that their family and friends are provided for before considering a legacy to the University of Bristol. Once you know that your family and friends are taken care of, a gift to the University of Bristol will ensure that your legacy remains beyond your lifetime.

How to include the University in your Will

Legacy gifts are administered through the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO). Including this information in your Will helps your executors know who to contact.

Please also include the University’s address and Exempt Charity Number:

University of Bristol
Beacon House
Queens Road
Bristol BS8 1QU

Exempt Charity Number: X1121

We cannot offer legal, financial or estate-planning advice, nor can we recommend solicitors or professional Will writers. We advise you to consult your solicitor before drafting a new Will or updating your existing Will. If you wish to leave a legacy to the University, you may wish to discuss our sample Will wording (PDF, 142kB) with your solicitor.

The benefits of leaving a legacy

Impact on the University

A legacy gift of any size has a significant and lasting impact on the University of Bristol’s work in education and research.

Many legacy donors choose to leave a legacy to support the general purposes of the University, which goes towards the priorities that are most pressing when the gift is received. Others choose to support a particular department or area of research or education. For more specific gifts of this nature, we can advise on ensuring that the objectives of your gift remains relevant by the time your Will comes into effect.

Examples of the impact of legacy giving include:

Tax benefits

As an exempt charity, a gift in your Will to the University can be tax-exempt and so could reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable, if the net value of your estate is above the inheritance tax threshold.

Nominating the University as a beneficiary of your pension fund could also provide tax benefits.

We recommend discussing all potential benefits of leaving a legacy gift to the University with your solicitor or financial planner, given that the law varies by country, and inheritance tax is a complex area.

Get in touch

Thank you for considering a gift to Bristol in your Will.

If you have questions or would like to receive more information, please contact Ella Searle, Head of Planned Giving, on +44 (0)117 394 1124 or by email:

Types of legacy gift

There are several ways that you can leave a legacy gift to the University.

How to leave a gift in your Will

Download our Legacy Brochure (PDF, 611kB)‌ for all the information needed to leave a gift in your Will.

US Planned Giving

Please download our US Planned Giving Brochure (PDF, 237kB) if you are based in North America.

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