Composing in electronics

Arthur Keegan-Bole

Arthur Keegan-Bole (PhD 2013-) is composing new music for instruments and electronics.

'My aim is to continue the line of classical music through performances and recordings, and to reach out to new audiences for classical music. I strongly believe that music has to continue to be made to remain a living, breathing art form, not a dead art enjoyed as an historic artefact.

'During my PhD I've spent three months in the USA developing new strands of my work and forging links between the Eastman School of Music in New York and Bristol University's Department of Music. While there, I wrote a piece for guitar and electronics which focuses on the interaction between player and computer. They begin as distinct parts playing a duet but then the soundworlds merge and all of the sound seems to emerge from the guitar.

'Electronic music is still in its infancy relatively speaking - most of the composers who first used computing to make music are still alive - so it's remarkable how far it has come and how fast it is developing. It's great to be a part of such an exciting field. I feel that it's a good time to be involved in classical music – I'm optimistic and enthusiastic about where future developments will take us. 

'Alumni funding has allowed me to continue to work on a craft that I love in a field that takes decades to build a financially stable career. Developing my work here has enabled me to acquire the requisite technical and aesthetic skills while building a portfolio that will enable me to bid for work outside of the university environment.

'Bristol has a fabulous department with many compositional voices on the faculty, and the city itself is vibrant and constantly receptive to new music. Being able to share my music with audiences who leave the concert a little changed is the end result that keeps me working.’

You can read more about Arthur's research on his website:

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