Volunteering opportunities

Find out how you can get involved and make a difference to the University of Bristol community.

Offer career advice

Offer career advice and support current students and recent graduates with their future careers.

Mentor a student

Provide professional development and one-to-one advice to the students who will benefit most from your support. 

Share your experience

Share your tips and advice about University life, your course and how your time at Bristol impacted you.

Connect with your community

If you are interested in volunteering to connect with your community, we recommend you begin by coordinating an event (face-to-face or digitally) to establish interest and identify other alumni who might be interested in working with you. For more information about how to get started, please contact the Volunteers Team at alumni-volunteers@bristol.ac.uk

We have a number of well-established alumni-led groups - such as Branches in cities around the world, Hall Associations and alumni sports clubs - which always welcome new volunteers. Contact us to find out more.

Organise an event

Any member of the Bristol alumni community can run an event if you would like to connect with more people for social and professional purposes: for a year group, or society, geographical location or profession - we have a toolkit to help you. Please contact the Volunteers Team for more information - alumni-volunteers@bristol.ac.uk.

Represent Bristol

We're looking for recent graduates to help out at a recruitment event near you. You can share your positive memories and experiences with prospective students and their parents and inspire the next generation of students. 

To represent Bristol, contact us at alumni-volunteers@bristol.ac.uk and let us know in which city and country you could attend events.

Help us access unique venues

If you or your company has access to a unique or well-located event space please get in touch with us at alumni-volunteers@bristol.ac.uk.

Become a special interest speaker

We're always on the lookout for special interest or Ted-X style speakers. If you have an area of expertise to share, an idea or innovation, let us know at alumni-volunteers@bristol.ac.uk with a brief summary of what you could speak about.

Fundraise by taking part in sponsored events

Find out how to fundraise for the University.

Sign up for volunteering updates

Subscribe to our Bristol Volunteers digest and we will update you throughout the year with new volunteering opportunities.

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