Exploring the Feasibility of ACT for Children and young people with CFS/ME who have been receiving Treatment for more than 12 months or 12 sessions, in preparation for an RCT.

An estimated 15% of children/young people with CFS/ME will not recover after 12 months of specialist treatment. ExFACTR explores the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as an alternative treatment for these children. Continuing from the findings of the ExACT study, ExFACTR forms pre-trial work to establish if it is feasible and acceptable to offer Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to children/young people with CFS/ME using a mixed methods approach.

We are recruiting young people (aged 11-18) who have received more than 12 months or 12 sessions of treatment from the specialist paediatric CFS/ME service in Bath from January 2021.

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