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Jean Golding awarded major grant from the John Templeton Foundation

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4 February 2021

The John Templeton Foundation has awarded an almost £8 million grant to Professor Jean Golding and her colleagues.

Jean Golding, along with her Co-Principle Investigators Kate Northstone, Yasmin Iles-Caven, Carol Joinson, Abigail Fraser & Matthew Suderman, have been awarded a major grant from the John Templeton Foundation of almost £8m, entitled:  Religious belief, health and disease: a family perspective. 

This project asks a number of major research questions concerning religious and/or spiritual belief and associated behaviours (RSBB) and their impact on health and well-being. 

Data has already been collected on the ALSPAC participants in 2020 on RSBB and this will be supplemented by further questionnaire and clinic data collection on physical and mental health. The data will be added back into the rich ALSPAC resource making it available to bona fide researchers world-wide to investigate many aspects of religiosity and spirituality. It will also provide a foundation for following the participants’ changes in health and RSBB over time.

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