Animal Behaviour Clinic

The Langford Animal Behaviour Clinic at the University of Bristol is a referral service that helps owners with undesirable or abnormal behaviour patterns in their pets.

All our clinicians are actively involved in companion animal behaviour and welfare research, so referring vets and pet owners can be assured that the advice they receive is not only evidence based, but also at the forefront of current knowledge in the field.

We work from the 'first principles' of ethology, associative learning and functional neurophysiology, and are able to assist with a whole range of behavioural disorders, however unusual they may seem.

Please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of a case for referral.

The clinic is the only centre in the UK that is approved by the European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine for the training of residents in veterinary behaviour.

  • consultation The behaviour consultation
  • vets in practice Referring clinical cases
  • dog on lead Residency programme
  • dalmation puppy Separation related behaviours

Our approach utilises our understanding of...

  • Ethology: the 'normal' behavioural repertoire of each species
  • Learning theory: how animals change their behaviour to adapt to their environment
  • Developmental biology: how the early part of life influences later behaviour
  • Physiology: normal processes and changes in the body
  • Veterinary medicine: the influence of diseases and pain
  • Neurobiology: how the brain works
  • Pharmacology: the influence of drugs on the body