Fairtrade policy

Fairtrade logo
  1. The University of Bristol (“the University”) strives to be a Fairtrade University and will work with the Fairtrade Foundation to formalise that status.
  2. Fairtrade products will be made available for sale in all University retail outlets. Where this is not possible, due for example to purchasing constraints and long-term contracts, there is a commitment to replace existing stock as soon as it is possible.
  3. Fairtrade options will be provided at all University and departmental meetings served by the University’s Catering Service and, where staff provide for themselves (e.g. in offices), encourage staff through campaigning to purchase Fairtrade foods.
  4. The University will work closely with the University of Bristol Union to campaign for increased Fairtrade consumption within the University. These campaigns will include but not be limited to:
    1. Educating staff and students within the University as to the existence of this policy and the purposes and reasoning behind our adherence to it.
    2. Raising awareness of the Fairtrade mark.
    3. Holding events to make Fairtrade part of the Bristol “culture”.
  5. There will be a University Fairtrade Steering Group to ensure implementation of this policy with the following membership and terms of reference:
    • Director of Student Services
    • Residential Services Manager
    • General Manager of the Hawthorns (Central Catering Services)
    • President of the Union
    • Vice-President of the Union
    • A member of the UBU Fair Trade Society
    • Environment Officer of the Union
    • Ethics Officer of the Union
    Terms of Reference
    1. The Fairtrade Steering Group shall meet once a term.
    2. The Steering Group shall ensure the University Fairtrade Policy is upheld.
    3. The Steering Group shall consider all University-wide campaigns to further enhance our commitment to Fairtrade.
    4. The Steering Group shall work with the UBU Fairtrade Committee and the UBU Fairtrade Society to coordinate collaborative campaigns.