Diabetes and Metabolism

We are a dynamic group of scientists, clinicians, nurses, technicians, study administrators and clinical trialists. Our research is focused on the causes, prediction and ultimate prevention of childhood type 1 diabetes. Improved prediction of diabetes has been a major achievement in our research.

We have many ongoing research projects, including the largest family study in the world which has been recruiting in the Oxford region of the UK for more than 20 years.

The major questions we are addressing in our research are:

We have a strong commitment to collaborating with diabetes specialists and research groups worldwide, in order to achieve our goal of preventing type 1 diabetes in the future.

An islet from a healthy individual: insulin producing beta cells (stained in green).

An islet from an individual with type 1 diabetes: only a few insulin producing cells remain (stained in green).

Head of Group

Professor Kathleen Gillespie
Professor of Molecular Medicine
Tel +44(0)117 414 8058


Diabetes and Metabolism
Learning and Research
Second Floor
Southmead Hospital
Bristol BS10 5NB
United Kingdom
Sharon Usher Executive Assistant
Tel: +44(0)117 41 48044
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