Child Mortality

The Child Mortality Analysis Unit (CMAU) is led by Professor Karen Luyt. Through the Child Mortality Analysis Unit, the University of Bristol is leading the way in a range of work to develop understanding around child mortality in the UK. Drawing on a multi-disciplinary team including clinicians and other health professionals as well as data scientists, our work aims to learn lessons that could lead to changes to improve and save children’s lives in the future.

The unit benefits from the expertise of a number of individuals involved in setting up child death review processes in the UK and abroad and recognises the value of these processes in understanding how and why children die. England is the first country in the world to adopt a statutory basis for the collection of data on children who die at a national level, and CMAU was a key stakeholder in achieving this. This ensures complete data flows into the unit for analysis.

CMAU is home to the National Child Mortality Database and the Child Death Overview Panel.

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