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Source cafes

Our cafés and bars provide an important social role, providing places to meet, share ideas and gather one’s thoughts. At the same time we strive to offer well-balanced, healthy and sustainable catering. Our food is procured and produced in ways that avoids damaging the planet, enhances animal welfare and provides social benefits.

At Source we are committed to using Fairtrade products and ingredients wherever possible,  and actively support Refill Bristol, an alternative to purchasing bottled water, providing mains drinking water. This enables our customers to refill water bottles or cups and are available at all Source café bar locations. All whole eggs purchased are from a local free-range farm and we work with local suppliers and to ensure our procurement supports the local community, procure local seasonal produce and minimising road miles.

We care about the food we produce and we care about you, our customers. Pop along to your nearest Source to share our passion for excellent food, on the go. 

Download our ethics and sustainability (PDF) and food waste (PDF) policies.
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