Student Comments

I've really enjoyed my time at 43/45 St. Michaels Hill because it's like being in a little family. It's great being close to university and everything else that you could possibly need.

"43-45 St Michael's Hill took a little while to get used to, but when I did, I really loved it. We've had so much fun here and I know we'll miss it."

"It is a perfect location to be, the amount of people who have said how much they would love to be where I am instead of Stoke Bishop! The house itself is really nice because its sociable in terms of having a common room but when you need to get on with work its really easy to separate yourself in your own room and because it is like a warren its not noisy.

The house also has a laundry room, and somewhere to hang your washing.  There are also amazing views from the common room across Bristol"

"It's a small, cosy, friendly residence and in a great location for the university, but your experience here will greatly depend on the people you're with."